Meet Our Instructors

September Yoga Teacher

Risa is a strong individual who has loved to challenge herself, especially towards fitness and wellness. Being born and raised in Japan, she first moved to the U.S. in 2013, where she had felt many struggles. However, after trying different activities, she discovered yoga. Through continued practices of different yoga variations and meditation, she was able to gain knowledge, harmony, and better understanding of herself. Yoga has changed the way that she sees the world and wishes to show people how to live peacefully with yoga. For her, yoga is not just asana practice, but a tool that helps us find our true selves. As the head instructor at Risa Singer Yoga she empowers her students with the beautiful practices of yoga.

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September Meditation Instructor

Peter has been practicing meditation for nearly 2 decades using a combination of the Vedic and Christian methods of meditation and prayer to bring better union between the two approaches of awakening to the divine light within. He has been instructing meditation with students for 4 years bridging the gap of Eastern and Western thought. He specializes in healing the wounds of the heart and spiritual awakening to uplift and transform his students. Living by the philosophy that each being is a piece of the puzzle to this great mystery we call life, he’s turned the term namaste “bowing to the divine within each being” into a living lesson. He’s transformed his life pains and traumas into power and seeks to uplift all through his fitness and wellness development business Full Spectrum Performance and community-building work.

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