Community Through Unity | Group Meditation Event

Community Through Unity (CTU) is a place to gather and marinate in the fullness of the human experience.

Just as the physical farmers market feeds the body, CTU was established to nourish the soul.

During our Summer Celebration Series, enjoy a Pop-Up Festival atmosphere while we build community and Melt the Seattle Freeze.

Group Meditation Event

Come enjoy offerings from various vendors, healers, practitioners and specialists for consultations, demonstrations and products.

Enjoy some tasty live music by local talent. Food vendors will also be on site to provide some delicious and nutritious snacks.

Group Meditation Event

CTU is FREE to attend and operates on donations, so anything is greatly appreciated.

If you're unable to attend but would like to support we're currently accepting donations via Venmo @FSP206 [ #2273 if applicable] anytime now and leading up to the event.

All donations help pay musicians plus current and future event production costs.

Group Meditation Event
Community Through Unity | Group Meditation Event

CTU hours: Noon to 10 pm

12 pm = Doors open

1 pm = Yoga

2 pm = Guided Meditation & Sound Bath

3 pm = Ecstatic Dance

5 pm to 10 pm = Live Music


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Community Through Unity, or CTU, started off as a grassroots gathering to provide musicians, artists, creatives, and wellness practitioners an outdoor stage and opportunity to gather, express, and build community.

This mission and vision of uplifting the Soul arose during the Summer of 2020 shortly after the lockdowns. With a stage, equipment, and heart-based practitioners we spread peace and love through yoga, meditation, spoken word, and live-music.

Not only did CTU have the mission of uplifting the spirits and providing a safe space to gather for those seeking connection, it was to be utilized in providing energy protection in the ways of old.

By gathering with intention, uplifting the heart and our vibrations through music and creative expression each meditation was bringing love and light throughout Seattle.

Starting in Jefferson Park, to Golden Gardens, and finishing the 2020 series at Greenlake brought together over 50 participants.

The following 2021 Summer events were solely held at Magnuson Park and continued to grow with over 100 people enjoying the festivities.

Group Meditation Event
Group Meditation Event

In the Summer of 2022 is when the full vision of CTU started to come to fruition. By bringing in the farmers market to uplift the human experience, CTU partnered with amazing local healers, vendors, and specialist to provide life-changing opportunities and offerings to uplift the human experience.

In addition, we expanded the inner-healing offerings to include ecstatic dance, yoga, breathwork, guided meditation and a sound-bath to ramping up the live music to 5 hours of amazing, local talent at Gasworks Park. Over our 4 part summer series from June thru September, each gathering had hundreds of participants and impacted countless lives.

With the mission to 'Melt the Freeze' in Seattle and uplift humanity, Community Through Unity is seeking to expand in size and frequency. Seattle has a great farmers market scene to nourish the body, now it's time we make waves and establish a farmers markets to nourish the soul.

Another goal for the CTU team is to bring this vision to Lumen field to establish Seattle's first Wellness Day Festival; where we gather like we do for CTU on a large scale to uplift the vibrations of not only this city, but planet Earth with thousands of in-person participants to practice these transformative modalities.

Any and all Support for Community Through Unity is greatly appreciated.

Group Meditation Event
Group Meditation Event


Peter Lucas has been practicing meditation for nearly 2 decades and has been instructing meditation with students since 2017 to awaken the divine light within.

He uses an amalgamation of the Vedic traditions of meditation and Christian methods of prayer to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western thought.

Learn more about Peter on his website:
Full Spectrum Performance.

Group Meditation Event

Peter organizes the Community Through Unity events depending upon the season; we will host it out in a park during the spring and summer months when the weather allows and move it to an indoor facility when feasible.

The schedule of events for Community Through Unity usually includes group yoga and movement followed by a sound bath and guided meditations. 

Sometimes Community Through Unity will arrange cacao tea ceremonies, an ecstatic dance, live music and nourishing vendor offerings.