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Peter is the visionary founder of Full Spectrum Performance and Group Meditation Event, renowned for his expertise in facilitating growth, transformation, and profound healing.

With over eight years of experience as a medical intuitive, Peter has guided countless clients on their transformative journey towards self-improvement, self-realization, and self-mastery.

Peter has developed a holistic approach that encompasses the full spectrum of healing, health, and happiness.

Group Meditation Event

Living by the philosophy that each being is a piece of the puzzle to this great mystery we call life, he’s turned the term namaste “bowing to the divine within each being” into a living lesson.

Peter's transformative events provide a sacred space for profound healing and personal empowerment, complementing his impactful 1-on-1 work with clients and students.

Peter empowers individuals to unlock their fullest potential by combining his knowledge in biology, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, physics, qi-gong, pranayama and jnana yoga.

Learn more about Peter on his website: Full Spectrum Performance.


Jasmine McCarthy supports others as an emotional anchor and guide through the work of mental health therapy, spiritual coaching (1:1, workshops, and courses), yoga, reiki, and tantric meditation.

She has been doing these formally for the past four years as a Mental Health Therapist (MA, NCC, LMHCA, RYT-200), Counselor, and Yoga Instructor.

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Jasmine is passionate about igniting the divine feminine parts of beings (all genders) with loving compassion/kindness through activating safety in the body through vagal exercises, boundary, core belief, and other cognitive work - so that the divine masculine in all beings can be fully activated and expressed through choosing boundaries and structure out of love versus fear, scarcity, or control.

Her greater mission in life is to help people remember the deep truths of indigenous and pagan spiritualities that have been attacked, demonized, and hidden by world religions and patriarchy, to return to the divine wholeness that each being inherently is without question - to then unite others from this place.

Jasmine knows that when the Divine is actualized within the individual and individuals connect to other living beings from this place, ecstasy occurs in the most innocent, natural, and blissful way. And the world deserves to swim in it!

Visit Jasmine's website for more information.

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Risa Singer is a strong individual who has loved to challenge herself, especially towards fitness and wellness.

Being born and raised in Japan, she first moved to the U.S. in 2013, where she struggled until after trying different activities, she discovered yoga.

Through continued practices of different yoga variations and meditation, she was able to gain knowledge, harmony, and better understanding of herself.

For Risa, yoga is not just asana practice, but a tool that helps us find our true selves.

Yoga has changed the way that she sees the world and wishes to show people how to live peacefully with yoga.

As the head instructor at Risa Singer Yoga she empowers her students with the beautiful practices of yoga.

Group Meditation Event | Risa Singer

Learn more about Risa on her website: Risa Singer.