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Authentic Relating & Play Workshop

September 23, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Chakra Exploration Workshop | Group Meditation Event

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Embark on a profound and transformative journey through the chakras, creating a safe space for self-exploration, self-love, and the celebration of authentic connections. Rediscover the inherent joy of play and unlock your true potential.

Join us for Authentic Relating and Play: A Chakra Exploration Workshop Series, a 7-part immersive experience designed to guide you through a powerful journey of healing and self-discovery. In this nurturing environment, you will have the opportunity to fully know, love, and embrace yourself.

Our expert facilitators will provide expert guidance and unwavering support as we ascend through the chakras, helping you navigate the depths of your being and tap into your true essence. Through meditation, self-reflection, and empowering practices, you will shed self-doubt and gain a deeper understanding of your desires, boundaries, and strengths. Peel back the layers of the self and experience profound personal growth.

Along the way, we will joyfully celebrate the connections that arise, rekindling the magic of play. Engage in interactive exercises, laughter-filled games, and liberating practices that awaken your inner child. Embracing play infuses your life with boundless joy, spontaneity, and a lightness of being.

As part of our supportive community, you will connect with like-minded individuals who share a deep desire for personal growth and authentic connections. Trust, vulnerability, and profound understanding will flourish, fostering connections that transcend surface interactions.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative adventure of self-discovery, self-love, and meaningful connections.

Reserve your place today for Authentic Relating and Play: A Chakra Exploration Workshop Series. Limited spaces are available for this extraordinary journey. Unleash your true potential and unlock the power of self-discovery, authentic connections, and the pure joy of play.

Our Facilitators

Group Meditation Event  Jasmine McCarthy, Mental Health Therapist (MA, NCC, LMHCA, RYT-200), Counselor, and Yoga Instructor:

Jasmine supports others as an emotional anchor and guide through the work of mental health therapy, spiritual coaching (1:1, workshops, and courses), yoga, reiki, and tantric meditation – which she has been doing formally for the past four years. She is passionate about igniting the divine feminine parts of beings (all genders) with loving compassion/kindness through activating safety in the body through vagal exercises, boundary, core belief, and other cognitive work – so that the divine masculine in all beings can be fully activated and expressed through choosing boundaries and structure out of love versus fear, scarcity, or control. Her greater mission in life is to help people remember the deep truths of indigenous and pagan spiritualities that have been attacked, demonized, and hidden by world religions and patriarchy, to return to the divine wholeness that each being inherently is without question – to then unite others from this place. Jasmine knows that when the Divine is actualized within the individual and individuals connect to other living beings from this place, ecstasy occurs in the most innocent, natural, and blissful way. And the world deserves to swim in it!

Group Meditation Event

Group Meditation Event  Peter Lucas, BA, NASM PT, Meditation Master, Medical Intuitive, Ceremony Facilitator:

Peter is the visionary founder of Full Spectrum Performance and Group Meditation Event, renowned for his expertise in facilitating growth, transformation, and profound healing. With over eight years of experience as a medical intuitive, Peter has guided countless clients on their transformative journey towards self-improvement, self-realization, and self-mastery. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in various fields, including biology, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, physics, qi-gong, pranayama, and jnana yoga, Peter has developed a holistic approach that encompasses the full spectrum of healing, health, and happiness. With eight years of personal training and life coaching experience, as well as a lifelong dedication to athletic pursuits, Peter empowers individuals to unlock their fullest potential. With nearly 14 years of conscious unfoldment, Peter’s transformative events provide a sacred space for profound healing and personal empowerment, complementing his impactful 1-on-1 work with clients and students.

Group Meditation Event


Energy Exchange

$88-111 Sliding Scale Donation Per Workshop

$600 Discounted Rate When Signing Up for All 7 Workshops

Registration and Payment Here:

We encourage each participant aim to attend each workshop, please contact if you are in need of financial assistance


Workshop Flow & Schedule

Each workshop is carefully designed to provide a holistic experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Meditation and Grounding Practice:
Start each workshop by immersing yourself in a guided meditation and grounding practice. Settle into the present moment, calm your mind, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This foundation will serve as a solid base for the transformative experiences that lie ahead.

2. Boundaries, Consent, and Somatic Regulation:
Explore the essential aspects of healthy relationships as we delve into boundaries, consent, the window of tolerance, and somatic regulation skills. Gain practical tools and insights that will empower you to establish and maintain authentic connections, while grounding yourself in the present moment.

3. Dance and Sound Bath Celebration:
Conclude each workshop with an exhilarating dance session that ignites your body and spirit. Let go of inhibitions, express yourself freely, and tap into the joy of movement. Afterwards, immerse yourself in a blissful sound bath, allowing the soothing sounds to wash over you, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Together, we will create a safe and inclusive space where you can fully embrace your authentic self. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Register today and embark on a journey of self-love, connection, and vibrant celebration.

Group Meditation Event

  • 7/15 – July– Root – Subconscious Witnessing:
    Dive deep into the foundation of your beliefs and allow your true self to be expressed. In this workshop, we will create a safe and supportive space where you can practice vulnerability, safely revealing yourself to others. Through guided exercises, we will explore the power of witnessing and being witnessed, cultivating a profound sense of authenticity.Group Meditation Event


  • 8/19 – August – Sacral – Emotional Localization:
    Journey into the depths of your emotions and learn to identify where different emotions reside within your body. Through artistic expression and playful exploration, you will develop a heightened awareness of your emotional landscape. Gain the ability to somatically regulate your emotions, allowing you to navigate them with grace and self-awareness.

  • 9/9 – September– Solar Plexus – Trust In Movement:
    Ignite the fire of your inner knowing and trust through movement. In this workshop, you will engage in a blind walk and activating yoga, connecting with a partner to strengthen your sense of trust. Experience gentle contact dance exercises that explore movement in every plane, allowing you to tap into the full expression of your being.

Group Meditation Event

  • 9/23 – September – Heart – Energetic Dearmoring:
    Soften into the depths of your heart and tune into the frequency of collective union. This workshop focuses on building inner and outer safety, allowing you to release protective barriers and embrace authentic connections. Experience somatic-emotional vibration restoration, guiding you to calibrate to the pure essence of love.


  • Our Remaining workshops are on hold during this rest period. Be on the lookout and sign-up to receive information on our next offerings in 2024!

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September 23, 2023
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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Magnuson Park Amphitheater
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